We find more and more young fashion brands lately that aim to be full transparent with their costumers about their supply chain and materials, this give us an enormous hope, especially when they have such a high taste and aestetic.

HONEST BY claims to be “the first 100% transparent company”, it was created in 2012 by Bruno Pieters and it often features collaboration with other companies (you can find a collabo with ROMBAUT    for the shoes). On their website you can easily trace all the material used and their suppliers, which give you great information about how they work. HONEST BY tries to be also really simple but effective with their campaign and communication (apparently they didn’t even used a make up artist in their last ADV!).

HONEST BY  has another great project: FFDS Future Fashion Design Scolarship, which aims to help young students to develop vegan and sustainable projects in fashion. They will provide financial  and mentoring support to the selected student “the winners of the FFDS will work in a 100% transparent manner, use sustainable materials and create new and innovative alternatives for animal based materials”

Kudos to Honest By!

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