REFORMATION is a brand based in California, they seem to be one of the most complete and accurate fashion brand on so many levels, putting the human body in the center of they philosophy with its needs and in respect of the environment we live in.  Starting from a design that aims to celebrate the feminine figure, based on real body shapes, to the materials used as stated on the website: We make our pieces from super sustainable materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. As we grow, our goal is to push harder to create more sustainable fabric options. In particular REFORMATION uses new materials as Tencel (a semi-syntethic fiber similar to cotton manufactured from Eucalyptus trees), Viscose, Modal, Recover – you can find extremely detailed information on the website with a description of each material and where it’s manufactured – but also vintage and deadstock fabrics.

REFORMATION is really careful on the impact of their production and has created a very transparent RefScale that tracks their environmental footprint and tries to balance and compensate with a series of action. The factory is energy efficient, the workers have benefits and a respectful salary, they make initiatives to help their community, they focus on the online retail, they provide a detailed guide on how to wash the garment and how to take care of them once you don’t want them anymore… REALLY IMPRESSIVE 360 degrees care for the environment, the people and the production! PLUS: BadGalRiri too wears REFORMATION.

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